Erin Pearce, Julia Vickerman, Tracy Palmer Wise, myself, Kelsey Abbott, Anastasia Louise Porter, Mandy Wulwick, and Sam Brown’s feminine side all got together to have the first meeting of our new non-fiction book club. 

We started out the night feeling like bad-ass intellectuals, discussing the historical ties to Imperialism in regards to Hawai’i, discussing what we liked and disliked from Sarah Vowell as an author and other things that would probably find a home on a KCRW broadcast. 

Then, as quickly as we established our well-read-ed-ness we tore it down by a quick visit to Bigfoot Lodge where we turned into a bunch of “Woo girls.” (You know the kind. SAM: “Hey there’s my girlfriend’s book club” US: “WOOOOOO!!!!1111”) As it turns out, when more than 2 women get together and alcohol and other substances are present, no one is immune. These are the 3 best pictures that belong in the “After” pile to our night. I want many many many more of these in the future please, thanks.  

Our first book: “Unfamiliar Fishes” by Sarah Vowell